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Gay Wedding Cake Cuts Deep

14 Mar

0179Tonight, while watching the news, I saw a story about a local bakery in Indianapolis, 111 Cakery, who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.  “As artists, we have to find inspiration to create something special for our clients,” said the owner.  “When asked to do a cake for an occasion or with a theme that’s in opposition with our faith? It’s just hard for us. We struggle with that.  There is zero hate here.  This causes us to do a lot of soul searching. Why are we doing what we do? We want to show the love of Christ. We want to be right with our God, but we also want to show kindness and respect to other people.”

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20 Differences Between Same-Sex and Heterosexual Marriages!

22 Nov


Recently, a client shared that her daughter was doing a Sociology project in high school about same-sex marriage and wanted to know if I would be willing to write down 20 differences between same-sex and heterosexual marriages, not including the given genetic differences,  based on the fact that I was gay and married and also worked with both same-sex and heterosexual couples in my practice.  I laughed heartily only to find that she didn’t understand why I was so amused.  I explained, that having never been in a heterosexual marriage, only having been married to my husband Alex, I couldn’t share my experience in comparison.  “But most of your friends are straight couples”, she said, “So surely you must see the differences and similarities between the two groups?”  I laughed again.  “Please”, she begged.  “You would really be helping my daughter and also helping teenagers to be less judemental.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that teenagers are by in large 90% less judgemental than your average adult neighbor.

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Friend to All Animals

15 Nov

fern plant_peterisms

I’m having this dilemma.  Our front porch is covered in fern plants and begonias, but it is late into November and even though I’ve tried to make them last as long as possible, they’re dying minute by minute.  I had thought about putting the plants in the garage to try and make it through the winter, but I think it’s better to just let them go.  I have this weird attachment issue to anything living and plants are just one of those things.  I name each of them and talk to them as if they’re a living entity with a personality.  I know this may sound strange but I’m one of those eccentrics who probably would have been better served living in the deep south.

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