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The Debut of My First Book and My Crazy Creative Process!

12 Apr

new order_peterisms

After a much needed trek to Miami with my husband for a little quality time and Ultra Music Festival, I’m back at the computer, finishing my novel before my publisher’s deadline of May 1st.  I had kind of forgotten the details of my creative process until I was back at the grind, writing over 10-15 hours a day.  There are certain things I must have to be able to write successfully, much like green room goodies for a celebrity or rock star, which I’m not.

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Bullies: The Wizard of Oz and Tomato Soup

16 Jan

fag bully_peterisms

I originally wrote the following in 2010 and it was later shared on The Bilerico Project and The Huffington Post (thanks to the amazing Bil Browning of The Bilerico Project!)  I ran across it tonight and while re-reading it thought it would be interesting to share again.  Enjoy!

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