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The Debut of My First Book and My Crazy Creative Process!

12 Apr

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After a much needed trek to Miami with my husband for a little quality time and Ultra Music Festival, I’m back at the computer, finishing my novel before my publisher’s deadline of May 1st.  I had kind of forgotten the details of my creative process until I was back at the grind, writing over 10-15 hours a day.  There are certain things I must have to be able to write successfully, much like green room goodies for a celebrity or rock star, which I’m not.

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How Will Gay Marriage Affect You? #mystoryoflove

25 Jan


Just wanted to send out a thank you out for all of the support and add some more of my thoughts about gay marriage.  Please watch the video below and respond to how gay marriage will affect you! Tell your story! Get it out! The more we’re heard the more change will occur! Tell your story of love! #mystoryoflove (my story of love)

Again, thanks for everything! Share your story below! Share it everywhere and tag it #mystoryoflove

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18 Degrees of Insanity…Revisited

17 Dec


Four years ago, when I originally wrote this post, I never expected to get the reaction I received from it’s readers.  As a blogger who has always simply shared his life experiences, I thought some people might relate and others would ask questions.  Instead, I literally received hundreds of emails thanking me for sharing my experience.  Others with addiction issues asked where they could find refuge and assistance.  Many people have written me since and asked me what happened after that first night, and I did make some attempt at writing it out, but today I like to just live as an example of what can happen if you choose to not engage in substance use, whether its addiction or otherwise.  In the last year I’ve grown a lot and am willing to be more honest now than ever before about my life before and after sobriety, so maybe it’s time to let the story out.  Today is my 19th year sobriety birthday and every year since I’ve written this piece, I’ve reposted it to remind myself where I came from.  It is humbling at best and I am extremely grateful for what I refer to as, my coldest night.

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