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Gay Wedding Cake Cuts Deep

14 Mar

0179Tonight, while watching the news, I saw a story about a local bakery in Indianapolis, 111 Cakery, who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.  “As artists, we have to find inspiration to create something special for our clients,” said the owner.  “When asked to do a cake for an occasion or with a theme that’s in opposition with our faith? It’s just hard for us. We struggle with that.  There is zero hate here.  This causes us to do a lot of soul searching. Why are we doing what we do? We want to show the love of Christ. We want to be right with our God, but we also want to show kindness and respect to other people.”

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An Evangelical Christian Supports Gay Marriage…Maybe You Can Too

8 Feb


Every day, I am still getting tons of emails and messages regarding the Dear Annie letter I wrote about how my life would be affected by a ban on gay marriage.  To date, I think the post has received something close to a million views and has been shared all over the place.  It is extremely humbly to write a small, blog post and see it spread it’s wings and fly around the world.  I’ve always been a believer that as a writer, once I’ve written something and put it out there, how people interpret it or what they do with it is up to them.  That being said, to find out that what I’ve written has impacted someone’s beliefs or actions in a positive way is extremely powerful.

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How Will Gay Marriage Affect You? #mystoryoflove

25 Jan


Just wanted to send out a thank you out for all of the support and add some more of my thoughts about gay marriage.  Please watch the video below and respond to how gay marriage will affect you! Tell your story! Get it out! The more we’re heard the more change will occur! Tell your story of love! #mystoryoflove (my story of love)

Again, thanks for everything! Share your story below! Share it everywhere and tag it #mystoryoflove

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A 7 Year Old Supports Gay Marriage in Indiana; Our Gift Today

23 Jan


As many of you know by now, yesterday I wrote a piece called Dear Annie, This is How Indian’s Gay Marriage Ban Will Affect Me.  I woke up, expected to receive 30-40 views.  The last time we looked, it had passed the 200,000 mark and was growing minute by minute.  We are extremely touched and honored that my little piece about our small lives affected so many people.  We have received hundreds of emails, messages, phone calls and texts from people across the country in support of our marriage.  We are trying to respond to each message so each person knows how much you warmed our hearts.  One message specifically affected us on a deeper level.

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No Engagement…

30 Dec


On a regular basis, I work with couples who complain that they have “communication” problems.  I’m not really sure what this means and in those cases I usually turn them to the book The 5 Love Languages.  The sole purpose of this book is to define communication patterns within the relationship; from both members perspectives.  It’s amazing and a must for any couple no matter how well you get along.  That being said, what people typically mean is that they don’t feel heard or that they argue on a regular basis.  In that case, that is a completely different issue with a completely different solution.

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20 Differences Between Same-Sex and Heterosexual Marriages!

22 Nov


Recently, a client shared that her daughter was doing a Sociology project in high school about same-sex marriage and wanted to know if I would be willing to write down 20 differences between same-sex and heterosexual marriages, not including the given genetic differences,  based on the fact that I was gay and married and also worked with both same-sex and heterosexual couples in my practice.  I laughed heartily only to find that she didn’t understand why I was so amused.  I explained, that having never been in a heterosexual marriage, only having been married to my husband Alex, I couldn’t share my experience in comparison.  “But most of your friends are straight couples”, she said, “So surely you must see the differences and similarities between the two groups?”  I laughed again.  “Please”, she begged.  “You would really be helping my daughter and also helping teenagers to be less judemental.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that teenagers are by in large 90% less judgemental than your average adult neighbor.

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