How to Get Rich Quick!

10 Jan

peter how to get rich quick_peterisms

Do you get five million email and invites on how to make money quick???? Get rich schemes and multi-level businesses?  For years I’ve had people approach me about how to make money the easiest way possible.  They always say that because we have such a huge reach with our celebrity website that we should get into a multi-level marketing company(what I had previously referred to as pyramid schemes) and for years I’ve been negative about the idea because I didn’t believe it was easy for anyone to get rich quick.

Today I was listening to the radio and heard an ad for  Don’t waste your time with this website. It’s basically a 10+ minute video about how all of these people make tons of extra money every money investing in oil, gold and the trademark for A&W Root Beer, fast food restaurants.  Trust me, if I had the kind of money to invest in oil and gold, I probably wouldn’t be listening to some 10 minute video, but there I was, watching every second of the transcribed video roll across my screen.

So I got to thinking about several of our friends who make quite a bit of money via these multi-level marketing companies or in other programs that seem like “get rich schemes”.  Every day I basically see a few clients and then spend the rest of the day working on my book or our website.  I have tons of extra time I could spend online working towards making money online.  But then again, it all seems like a bunch of schemes.  We’ve done the pay per click ads on our website and our YouTube channel and were pleasantly surprised to receive a $131 check at the end of 2012 for our many hits! So far this year as an iTunes affiliate we’ve earned almost $4!!! Looks like it’ll be a promising year.

On my last blog, I had a donation button for awhile and someone actually sent me some money and told me to take Alex out to dinner.  That was several years ago and I think we did actually enjoy a nice dinner.  (I’m putting the donation button up at the bottom so feel free to donate to my dream of staying home and writing full time!!!! Any dollar amount makes a difference! I’m not proud of begging!)

My point is that I don’t believe any of these programs work unless you’re willing to lose all of your friends by harassing them non-stop or by investing in something you don’t really believe in.  I guess if I were actually going to invest in one of these programs I would really have to believe in it first.  Maybe some kind of fitness program or weight loss program.  I really believe in McDonalds but once again, that’s franchising and I don’t have that kind of money.  The idea is to get rich, not lose more money!

I’d love to hear other people’s stories and if you’ve made tons of money, sign me up! I’m ready to whore myself out to the multi-level marketing world for a dollar! Hell, I’ll even personally talk about it on this blog so people know I’m really telling the truth. Just let me know how it worked for you.  Feel free to email me at

Otherwise…Please donate to my poor ass fund for trips, food and late night movies!

For now,


Ohhhh…don’t forget…I’m not too proud to beg!



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