One Magical Snow Day!

5 Jan


Tomorrow, we’re expecting anywhere from 8-12 inches of snow, sometimes falling as fast as 2″ an hour combined with temperatures of -30 degrees.  For the past two days, everyone on Facebook and those I talk with about the storm complain about how they won’t be able to go anywhere and everything will be shut down.  Already, businesses and schools are planning closings for the next few days.  The grocery stores are empty of the necessities: bread, milk, pizza rolls, candy, wine, beer and Totino’s dollar pizzas.  Snow plow tracks are all over the roads and dump trucks are dumping salt left and right.  People are downright frantic…and I couldn’t be more excited!

Although it may be difficult for you to believe, I am actually old enough to remember the famous Blizzard of ’78.  If you read about the blizzard, it’s not much different than what is predicted for Indiana over the next few days, but I’m sure in the end we’ll just be presented with a few inches of snow and light winds.  But wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a real down and out blizzard?  I know that many people will say things about the negative sides of a blizzard, but let’s look at the positive sides.

Most work will be closed.  Schools will be closed.  Rampant sledding, snow-ball fights and other snow related activities will ensue.  Tons of soup, mac and cheese, pizzas and cookies will be consumed.  People will sleep by fireplaces and candlelight.  We will have to be forced to live like people in the olden days, once again reminding us why we’re in these relationships and have these kids in the first place.  We only live once! Enjoy the blizzard or snow storm and embrace for all it’s worth.

When I was younger, my mother was extremely talented at turning thunderstorms into waterfalls from the heavens where we would wash our hair in the rain and dance in the puddles in the street.  Snowstorms were not much different.  Once she was resigned to not having to drive on the slick roads, hunkered down at home, she would become a winter gypsy, planning all kinds of activities for our next few days.

First, planning the food was a necessity.  Although we ate tons of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, I also remember eating tons of junk food; graham crackers and white frosting and pigs in a blanket.  We’d put our roller skates on and put on roller skating versions of Hair, Oklahoma and My Fair Lady on the floor of our huge concrete basement.  We’d of course go sledding and make forts in the woods, followed by the best hot chocolate(the trick is tons of tiny marshmallows and a teaspoon of vanilla)! We’d watch Alfred Hitchcock movies and watch our dog Benji play in the snow.  If the electricity went out, we’d keep a fire roaring and live by candlelight, much like Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Long Winter.  We’d read scary stories and make up scary stories about being trapped in a blizzard in the mountains, and then we would imagine we had been rescued by some nice old lady who had put us up in her house until the blizzard broke.  We’d take long walks down the street, our faces rosy from the cold, while we laughed, slipping and sliding on the streets.  And at night, I’d camp out on the floor of her bedroom, the wind whistling at the window while we listened to old time radio shows like The Shadow and Fibber McGee and Molly on an old transistor radio.

There are some times that being an only child has it’s perks! Snow days were always amazing!

Years later, my mother and I both fell in love with Judy Collin’s song The Blizzard(Available HERE on iTunes) which reminded of us of those blizzardy days!   Enjoy it below.  It’s gorgeous!

This year, if you’re stuck inside with nowhere to go, get creative! Have a winter birthday party even if you’re birthday is in August.  Play pin the tail on the donkey.  Have everyone put pajamas on and get into bed and make up stories or play board games.  Have that Monopoly marathon you haven’t had since you were 12.   Make a recipe of something you haven’t had since you were a kid.  Share it with your kids.  Tell stories to your kids about times when you were younger.  Sled, drink cocoa or read great books.  Enjoy this time together or alone.  Just enjoy it. And always be safe. During this snowstorm, I think I’ll learn how to make grilled cheese sandwiches!

For now,


One Response to “One Magical Snow Day!”

  1. Shell Flower January 5, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

    I hope you get the full on snowfall expected and go sledding. There is nothing like coming in after playing out in the snow. Those school kids are lucky to get more days off after the holidays. I could use a snow day!

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