Planning For 2014

27 Dec


I’m an avid list maker.  On the last day of every year,  I make a list of all of the things I want to accomplish in the coming year.  This year will be no different, but I’m starting a little earlier than usual.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, especially since I’m starting to feel the clock of life ticking, that there are a lot of things I want to do in my life that I haven’t even begun.

I’m not sure I would necessarily call it a bucket list because that would be an entirely different list.  These are things that are vital to my life existence; those things I would regret not having done if I die before they are completed.  Having a novel published is at the top of that list.  There are many other things as well, but I first think it is important to remove those blockages from my life that are keeping me from my goals.

The truth is that I have a pretty good life and I’ve accomplished a lot of my dreams.  I feel so lucky in fact that I now make my career out of helping others accomplish their dreams!(Contact me at for more information)  Years ago, I saw an episode of Oprah where she mentioned that even though she had everything she wanted, including property filled with trees, she couldn’t truly enjoy it because of her weight.  I too feel this way in regards to my body size.  I also feel this way about my smoking, sleep habits and laziness.

I do not believe in resolutions because they are defined as “a course of action determined or decided on”.  Instead, I believe in goals.  I love vision boards, scrapbooks for the future and creative dreaming.  I truly believe there aren’t any dreams we can’t accomplish if we set our minds to them, find accountability and devise a plan.

This year, I’ve decided to share my goals for 2014 with my readers, in hope of finding accountability as well as a way to share my struggles and difficulties and maybe instead of foregoing my goals altogether, which usually happens only weeks into the new year, I’ll find solace in the companionship of others and will actually be able to accomplish my dreams.

At the top of this list will be losing weight, eating nutritionally, exercising regularly and adapting a healthy lifestyle.  I’m unwilling to look back on one more year at my health faults and regret another year wasted in fat.  Over the holidays, several people mentioned I was bigger than they had ever seen me in my life.  It’s interesting because there have been times where I ran daily, was a strict vegetarian, loved going to the gym, slept well and never felt like the sloth I now feel on a regular basis.

This year, I’m going to be in the best health ever, of that I’m certain.

I have a list of other goals I’m excited about sharing too, but first I must make my list…and eat one last chocolate!(The sign of a good food addict!)

Please share your goals for the new year with me below!

For now,



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