If Just For a Minute the World Would Stop

16 Dec

snowy drive_peterisms

Tonight, Alex and I went to see the film Catching Fire at the movie theater.  Typical of a late Sunday night in the winter, the theater was pretty desolate with only a few couples lingering in the late show.  Halfway through the film, I left my seat to run to the restroom quickly without missing much of the movie.

After leaving the restroom, I was walking back to our theater when I looked out the main door and saw snow filling the sky.  For some reason, I was instantly at peace, thinking about my husband sitting in the movie theater, watching the movie in the dark, slowly eating popcorn.  He would go to bed in our cozy home as soon as we arrived home, the three dogs snuggling around him.  I would either read or watch a little television and then slowly fall asleep to the sound of my softly breathing family.

In that movie theater hallway, watching the snow, I wished that life could just stop for a minute and it would never go forward or backwards.  Life would just be late night movies with Alex, sleeping with my dogs, watching television shows, reading great books, eating great food, working with amazing clients, laughing with my best friend in the car late at night, almost falling asleep in front of her fireplace and making the late night trek home to my own home, to fall asleep with my family and start it all over the next day.

If just for a minute the world would stop, and like tonight, I could really take a breath and enjoy this magical life I’ve been given.

If only…

For now,



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