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No Engagement…

30 Dec


On a regular basis, I work with couples who complain that they have “communication” problems.  I’m not really sure what this means and in those cases I usually turn them to the book The 5 Love Languages.  The sole purpose of this book is to define communication patterns within the relationship; from both members perspectives.  It’s amazing and a must for any couple no matter how well you get along.  That being said, what people typically mean is that they don’t feel heard or that they argue on a regular basis.  In that case, that is a completely different issue with a completely different solution.

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The Best New Year’s Eve Movie EVER!

27 Dec

two hundred cigarettes_peterisms

If you haven’t seen it, you won’t believe me, but 200 Cigarettes is the Best New Year’s Eve Movie of all time! The ensemble cast weaves beautifully and hilariously through the streets of New York City all trying to find love before the clock strikes 12! Trust me…it is truly awesome!


What are your favorite New Year’s movies???

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Planning For 2014

27 Dec


I’m an avid list maker.  On the last day of every year,  I make a list of all of the things I want to accomplish in the coming year.  This year will be no different, but I’m starting a little earlier than usual.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, especially since I’m starting to feel the clock of life ticking, that there are a lot of things I want to do in my life that I haven’t even begun.

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The Last Christmas Journey…

24 Dec

mom_peterismsWhile in high school, I somehow fell upon the great Christmas made-for-tv movie, A Smoky Mountain Christmas, starring Dolly Parton and Lee Marjors.  In the film, Parton plays a famous country music star(quite an acting stretch) who wants to get away from the hoopla of her stardom, and returns home to her “Smoky Mountain” roots(again, quite a stretch).  Ok, the movie is cheesy at best, but it has become my favorite Christmas movie of all time.  Years ago, when my aunt, uncle and cousin began opting to spend Christmas every other year in Florida, I suggested to my mother and boyfriend at the time, that we rent a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, thus fulfilling my Smokey Mountain Christmas wish! What started that first year would become a family tradition up until the Christmas before my mother’s death.

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How to Improve Self Esteem!

23 Dec

peter monn_peterisms

In my life, I have learned 3 very important lessons about self-esteem…

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Ya’ll Are Driving Me Crazy!

21 Dec

peter black and white_peterisms

As I’ve stated before, I’m a bit of a social media whore.  Actually, that’s putting it lightly.  Most of my friends my age make fun of me for being on every social network site known to man, but I don’t care.  I love it.  But this week I’ve been pushed over the edge! Ya’ll are driving me crazing with your posts, emails and crazy status updates…not to mention invites to a plethora of games I’ve never even heard of before!

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A Day in My Life…

21 Dec

peter hat_peterisms

I keep a list of things I think I might want to write about one day; forgiveness not being a favor, closure in friendships, time counting down towards death, how to build self-esteem, writing letters to Santa Claus, being lonely at Christmas, a friend asking if I felt I was going to hell for being gay…the list goes on and on.  While sitting in a session with a client today, she suggested I write a blog post about what a day in my life looks like.  I’d love to think I live a pretty exciting life, but the reality is that my life is mundane with the exception of my constant fantasy world within my head.  But for the purpose of one day looking back and realizing how good I really have it, I think I’ll lay it out.  I’m only going to write about today and maybe every week I’ll pick a specific day to write about, but this is just about today, because today is all I have…

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