When People Talk Shit About Me…

26 Nov


Someone asked me today what I do when people talk shit about me behind my back.  Who me? No one ever talks about me behind my back…Haha! Actually, I have a very simple solution to this huge problem.

When people talk about me I simply remember this little song that was written especially for me and about me.  Check it out…Of course I do all of the dance moves too!


Remember…what other people say about us is really none of our business.  It doesn’t speak about us anyway.  It speaks of them! Love yourself!

For now,



One Response to “When People Talk Shit About Me…”

  1. Erin Elizabeth (@BrainyBlonde) November 27, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    Right on grrrlllllllll XOXOXXO

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