Skip Thanksgiving…Christmas is Officially Here!

15 Nov


Christmas is officially here! Walmart has been displaying holiday decorations long before school started and Amazon wish lists have been plugged across the nation, but this year it’s worse than ever.  Lifetime has been showing Christmas movies almost around the clock.  On October 2nd, ABC Family released their 25 Days of Christmas schedule, not to be confused with their new 14 days leading up to the 25 days of Christmas.  Our entire neighborhood had Christmas lights up the day after Halloween and a few days ago it snowed!

Christmas is officially here, whether we like it or not, so I’m suggesting we just skip Thanksgiving this year.  Actually, why even have New Years, Valentines Day, 4th of July(except that Old Navy makes a shit ton of money off of those Made in the USA sweatshirts) or Halloween??? We should simply just have Christmas, summer and back to school.  I think these holidays, or periods of the calender, serve best for the educational and financial structure which are now apparently running our country.

Actually, I was talking to some people the other day and someone mentioned they have all of their Christmas shopping done already.  I think that’s disgusting.  I will be out on Christmas Eve, just like Bob Cratchit, buying up Christmas presents at the last minute.  When I get home, I’ll light a fire, wait for Alex and wrap the presents with the dog until we go to have Christmas Eve with our families.  That’s how Christmas should be.

All of this, “have you done your Christmas shopping yet?”, or “I only have one more person left on my list”, is absolutely disgusting.

I’ve learned a very important lesson from Alex’s family, which went against everything I believed.  The holidays are for spending time with those you love…period.  Typically our holidays with Alex’s family start early and go very, very late.  They are not surrounded by gifts, but by conversation, picture taking, laughter and storytelling.  They are, to me, very endearing.  I look forward every year to spending the holidays with his family because they offer me a family I never had growing up or even into my adulthood.

Last year we spent Christmas day at my aunt’s house.  Although she has always hosted the most gorgeous parties and events, there is always a rushed quality when my family gets together.  My cousin had us all sit done and eat and before we were even done started clearing dishes.  Then I tried to help her clean the dishes, but she ushered everyone downstairs to watch tv, while my aunt went to bed.  My cousin stood in the kitchen by herself while we all sat downstairs not talking.  It was absolutely ridiculous and all over in less than an hour, including opening presents.  I went upstairs and begged her to come smoke a cigarette with me and talk, but she had to get the dishes done. I looked at her and said, “why even have Christmas if we’re going to rush it through so quickly like this.”  And then I understood why my mom used to get so upset on holidays, because she knew they were speeding by and she wasn’t really getting to spend time with people.  Death makes you realize those things.

I think we may have stayed another 30 minutes and I did get to spend a few minutes with my cousin but it went way too fast.  Life goes way too fast.  If it isn’t about spending time with those we love, and we bitch and complain and hurry through the occasion, why do it anyway?

So crumple up your shopping lists and sit back and enjoy Thanksgiving.  You may not even make it to Christmas.  And although everyone will be so happy you bought their present in advance, you won’t be able to enjoy the moment you give it to them, because you’ll be gone.

For now,



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