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Halloween Spirits and Ghosts!

31 Oct

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My podcast continues and this 2nd one is a Halloween edition talking about ghosts and spirits and my many experiences with psychics! So plug me in and drive around, listen and enjoy.  Or just put me on in the background while you do housework!


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It’s Halloween…Everyone’s Entitled to One Good Scare!

30 Oct

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Thus were the words uttered by Sheriff Brackett to Laurie in the original Halloween.  I’m not sure when I began loving this movie, but there was a time that beginning on October 1st, I watched this movie every day, constantly having it in the background while I got ready for work, took a nap, whatever, and yet it never lost it’s fear factor for me.  Last year, my friend Melissa and I dragged our husbands to an actual screening of Halloween in the movie theater.  As avid fans, we were terrified and loved it even more.  Our husbands were not impressed and both stated they didn’t think it was scary at all.  To this day, for me, the original Halloween is the 2nd scariest movie ever.

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My Very First Podcast…Pump Up the Volume!

29 Oct

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They say I’m not technologically savvy…hell, I say that, but after a few hours and the genius of Wiki, I have learned how to post Podcasts! Welcome to my new radio station on Soundcloud.  I am still laughing to myself about the hilarity of this venture!

It’s like Toads Wild Ride, but with me instead of Toad, smoking cigarettes, rambling, which is what I do best, while driving around! Welcome to my world.


If you like it, give me suggestions on topics to talk about or let me know what you think.  If you don’t…fuck off!

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An Ideas Guy

28 Oct

peter monn_peterisms

I haven’t written anything on this blog in forever.  Actually, if you’re a follower, you’ll know that I’ve had two previous blogs, Thoughts from the Couch and Suicide Birds and Seahorses, but decided to start this new blog as a new chapter in my life.  I don’t think I’ll start any new blogs because I’m really good at starting things but not very good at finishing things, just ask my husband.  But I’m back! And this going to post daily, maybe even several times a day.  You see, I’m a crazy creative; one of those people who is constantly starting projects and has tons and tons of ideas running through my mind.  Yeah…an ideas guy.  I like that one better.

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