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Life is Magic!

13 May


You know, life is a pretty funny thing.  Sometimes the things we want the most are right in front of our faces and we don’t even realize it.

Tuesday will be exactly 5 years since my mom died.  For some reason, it means more to me this year.  I’m not really sure why but I keep thinking about those weeks and days leading up to her death and how I felt as I prepared for a life without a mother.  And now I find myself, on Mother’s Day, feeling that the world is surreal once the one person you’ve known since the moment you came into it is gone forever.  She’s not coming back, even though I sometimes think I hear her voice or catch a glimpse of her walking past me in the grocery store.  At first, I found myself picking up the phone to tell her something funny that had happened or I would wake up and for a few moments forget that she was gone.

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